You can start on the pathway to a university degree with the highest rank UK Engineering Degree in Sri Lanka.
All you have to do, is join this foundation programme

This programme is based on 20 years of preparing students in Singapore and the region and is the FASTEST WAY for you to get to a UK Engineering Degree after O Levels.

Lots of people will choose to go for A Levels but this is a waste of time if you don’t intend to go into the government university system.

Join the Auston Foundation programme and start your UK Engineering Degree in just 3 months.

Benefits of this Programme

Study Abroad Opportunities

This is a great opportunity because you can get an overseas experience for the minimum cost. You may also be eligible to stay on and secure jobs after graduating.

Our students have been successful in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Middle East (Dubai), and more

Fastest Degree Programme

If you spend more time in school, then you will earn less. So finish your degree faster and start making money at least 20 months before everyone else!

Not only will you be fast, but you will be a graduate of the highest ranked UK engineering degree available in Sri Lanka.

Super Affordable Fees

Don’t spend more than you have to when you take advantage of our super affordable fees.

Many of our students also pay for their university themselves and you can too when you use our friendly monthly-installment plans*Terms and Conditions Apply

Next Intake:
MAR 2019


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