Diploma in

Networks, Information Systems, and Security

in the rapidly expanding world of technology, this programme trains you to be effective hands-and-eyes, maintaining your career as an un-disruptable one… for now

We Cover:

  • network setup and deployment
  • enterprise requirements (firewalls, windows server, linux, databasing, and more)
  • virtualization (servers inside servers)
  • cyber security management

this course is fully aligned to industry demands and specifications. Students will have the ability to achieve Mikrotik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA), VMWare IT Academy Qualifications, and access to the entire repository of Microsoft Servers, Sharepoint Server, and SQL Databases with individual licenses to more than $20,000 worth of industry leading software

Modules (Excluding Foundation)

Duration (in Months)

Progression Pathway

This programme is equivalent to year 1 of a UK Degree programme.

Participants may complete their course in

  • Singapore with the De Montfort University BSc in Computer Security
  • Sri Lanka with the De Montfort University BSc in Computer Security
  • Transfer to the UK to De Montfort University BSc in Computer Security
  • Transfer to our wide variety of articulated university partners in the UK and across the world

Module Information

No. Modules Exam Coursework Credit
1 Computer Network Implementation and Monitoring 70% 30% 30
2 Network Systems and Applications for Common Enterprise Functions 80% 20% 30
3 Network Optimization and Virtualizations 80% 20% 30
4 Cyber Security Management 80% 20% 30

Entry Criteria

Students must have completed their A Levels with at least 2 passes. One pass must be in either Math or English. Students without a pass in English must demonstrate English proficiency of up to IELTS 4.5 or equivalent.

This course is professionally aligned to MTCNA curriculum

This course is professionally aligned to VMware IT Academy curriculum

This course uses legal software licensed from Microsoft Imagine Academy framework.

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