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A Good University Foundation Programme Will Prepare You In Ways You Haven’t Even Thought Of Yet

You Can Improve Your English Language Skills

Some universities offer foundation years specifically catering to students in need of a bit of a nudge before studying in the English language.

We incorporate up to five hours of english a week for foundation students since it is mandatory for all students to achieve IELTS 7.0.

this consideration is especially important for students who are keen on international migration, global careers, or working in a multi-national corporation

University of Warwick, UK

Pickup Soft Skills That Aren’t In Your Degree

Not all essential skills are covered in your degree course. The World Economic Forum has identified some top 10 skills that will be necessary for workers in 2020.

2020 is not that far away. You’ll need skills like Critical Thinking, Creativity, Working in groups, Negotiation, emotional intelligence and more.

A university foundation course is a great way to prepare for this.

World Economic Forum

Learning How To Learn

In University you’ll be picking up skills and knowledge that you’ll be using for the rest of your life. But the way in which we learn in University, is vastly different from the way in which we learned in high school.

Good foundation programmes cover all of this such as skills for independent learning, radical self-management, time management, and skills for work.

Oxford Royale

How Does Auston’s Enhanced Foundation Course Incorporate This?

Fundamental Skills
  • Pre University Math
  • Critical Thinking & Analysis
  • English for Academic Purpose
  • Academic Writing
Radical Self Management
  • Personal Psychology
  • Digital & Global Careers
  • Interview Skills
Future Skills
  • Working in Groups
  • Technology Induction
  • My First CV

Our Modules

# Title Coursework % Exam %
1 Critical Thinking and Analysis 0% 100%
2 Pre University Math (Advanced) 30% 70%
3 English for Academic Purposes 0% 100%
4 Academic Writing 0% 100%
5 Personal Psychology for Higher Education N/A N/A
6 Working in Groups N/A N/A
7 Technology Induction N/A N/A
8 My First CV N/A N/A
9 Digital & Global Careers N/A N/A
10 Interview Skills N/A N/A


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Most Schools Don’t Know This But…

Foundation is possibly the most important thing for young people entering higher education today. The world is changing so rapidly that there’s a good chance for a lot of things to go obsolete by the time you’re ready to join the world of work.

that’s why our foundation is built around skills of tomorrow

Critical Thinking is the #1 skill on the list of WEF Skills of the future. To our knowledge, we’re the only one teaching this in Sri Lanka today and for that, our students will graduate sharper, more prepared, and more capable than others.

Technology Induction is to show students what can be achieved with the google solution that is provided to each student, free of charge, when they join Auston. Collaboration tools, remote publishing, scripted spreadsheets.

Personal Psychology for Higher Education introduces students to the new concept of active learning. 90% of the world still uses rote learning. In the leading institutes around the world, active learning has been adopted widely and is the basis of massive developments in the world of work. We break these molds and send our students into the future.