Diploma Courses in Sri Lanka

Diploma in Engineering Technology
Diploma in Construction Project Management
Diploma in Networks Information Systems and Security

Maybe you’ve just finished your O/L or your A/L and you’re wondering what to do next. There are a huge variety of diplomas out there for you to choose from. Some of the UGC institutions offer diplomas in arts, or diplomas in history, or diplomas in law, or diplomas in international relations. Too many to choose from.

Let me help – I’ll narrow down the options for you.

Based on 2 shocking pieces of news which are: the fourth industrial revolution that you can read more about here and the future of work and jobs of the future report that are here and here. Your conclusion will be the same:

You should be studying technology

Most people dive right in and choose the deepest technology that is commonly found in Sri Lanka. Computer Science. that’s a bad idea

As coding becomes more and more common with all the technology around us, coding itself will become automated.

Instead, choose engineering. But Why?

When you’re grounded in firm engineering fundamentals, you can always pivot your career any time. But more importantly, OUR engineering programmes are 100% hands on (unlike the other ones out there that are only based on theory). This means that you’ll be working with your hands and eyes, on live projects that mimic the real world. With our industry partners, there are good opportunities to work on REAL WORLD projects too.

You’ll learn about automation and what is going to change a multi-billion dollar industry, right here in Sri Lanka.

Then you’ll learn about Electricity and power generation which are the fundamentals for life as we know it and what happens when we run out of traditional sources.

Then we’ll go into Computer Security and the networks that make the internet, IoT, and the organization networks secure and also insecure.

All this, in one amazing programme.

Our Diploma in Engineering Technology.

You don’t even have to choose your major till after you finish our first year programme

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Why You Should Join Auston

  • Get trained in a jobs of the future
  • Variety of engineering degrees and diplomas
  • Immense hands on, practical sessions
  • Get trained for industry

A Word From the M.D.

Auston Ceylon is quite possibly the MOST advanced engineering institute in Sri Lanka after the government owned institutes. Many have tried to keep up but Auston just keeps innovating.

The reliable management from Singapore and sound operational practices ensures that Auston will always be generations ahead.

Michael Lin

Managing Director, Auston Institute of Management, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Myanmar

Our University Partner

  • Ranked 82th by Complete University Guide 2018
  • World’s Top 150 Young University by Times Higher Education 2018
  • Top 10 most popular universities in the UK for home and EU students, as rated by UCAS
  • 98% Overall Student Satisfaction in the National Student Survey 2017

What Our Students Have To Say

At Auston everything possible is done; the warm student service,assessments mimicking the issues in real time business world. The quality of the lecture panel gives it a high academic level. Auston helped me achieve my ambition. I would definitely recommend Auston!

Chandima B Mawilmada

Project Manager, Milllenium IT

The education I received at Auston helped me to get an idea of what I would like to do aand the practical
approach Auston follows has given me tremendous guidance helping me daily in my professional career.

Andrew Jeganraj

Operations Manager, TecHome Technologies

I chose to study at Auston because my previous college wasn’t able to provide the programme I wanted
and Auston was the first option I considered and it was great!
My time at Auston has given me the opportunity to achieve to my highest potential.

Hasara Dewmin Jayasena

I transferred to Auston and was amazed at how passionate Auston cares about students. I can honestly say Auston provides quality education for all students

Thamara Thakshila

PA to the Chairman, Paradise Road

Diploma in Engineering Technology

Awarded by Auston, Singapore

  • 8 to 11 months
  • Full-Time and Part-Time Available
  • Intakes in Feb, June, September
  • Modules include Analog Technology, Digital Circuits, Networks and Data Communications, and more

Diploma in Construction Project Management

Awarded Auston Singapore

  • 8 to 11 months
  • Full-Time and Part-Time Available
  • Intakes in Feb, June, September
  • Modules include Contract Law, Material Science, Building Technology, and Design

Diploma in Networks, Information Systems, and Security

Awarded by Auston, Singapore

  • 8 to 11 months
  • Full-Time and Part-Time Available
  • Intakes in Feb, June, September
  • Modules include Virtualization, Network Setup and Configuration, Firewalls, Domains and Operating Systems and More.