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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Security
In 2017, IT Security Consultants got paid $7000-10,000 per month. This course is how you could become one of them.


This is a specialist course within the broad field of computer science, with particular emphasis on the CIA triad: confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Computer security is about the appropriate access to digital assets, and this course covers a mix of technical computing and professional practice in a modern and varied curriculum.


Course Outline

Students will undertake 9 modules. Each academic year is divided into three terms commencing February, May and September.

No.ModulesExamCourse workCredit
1Organisations, Project Management and Research50%50%30
2Forensics and Security0%100%30
3Multi-Tier Web Applications0%100%30
4Systems Defense Strategies0%100%30
5Professionalism in Forensics and Security0%100%30
6Advanced Topics in Security0%100%30
7Computing Project0%100%30
8Secure Web Application Development50%50%15
9Privacy and Data Protection50%50%15

Students who meet the requirement may apply for modules exemption subjected to the approval of De Montfort University.

Career Opportunities

The market for cybersecurity experts continues to increase as our society’s reliance on and deployment of Information Technology infrastructures expands.


Course Outcome

Students who successfully complete and pass the modules stipulated in the course structure will be awarded the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Security from De Montfort University.

The award of the degree is guaranteed by the university to be identical to that awarded in the UK, in certificate, transcript, rights and recognition.


Applicants aged 19 years or older are eligible to enter the Bachelor Degree programme with one of the following qualifications:



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