What is Mechatronics

a mechatronic device, automated assembly facility

Mechatronics can be defined in a wide range of wordings.

Of course each author will have his/her own way of describing mechatronics but at Auston Institute Ceylon – School of Engineering, we describe mechatronics as “Engineering focus of the future”

Why do we say so?

Simply because work specialization is going to be something of the past very soon especially in the engineering discipline. Specialized task specific engineers will be replaced with multi-tasked engineers since products have evolved. High tech innovative gadgets of  today and the future will have a bit of mechanical , electrical , electronic , computer system , controls and that is exactly what Mechatronics engineers do.

Auston Institute encourage our Engineering Technology graduates to major in Mechatronics because of the diverse set of skills it equips students with. This makes them highly sought after by employers. Sri Lanka is moving rapidly from an traditional agriculture based economy to an industry based economy, and will need suitably qualified graduates to sustain this growth.

Industries in Sri lanka where Mechatronics is in Demand

  • Garment Industry :-  Sri Lanka has a vibrant garment industry and some of them are fast moving into Intelligent manufacturing (automation) where mechatronics will be the primary force behind every T-shirt / Shirt or any piece of garments made in Sri Lanka very soon.
  • Plantation and Agriculture :- Do you know Sri Lanka has a high tech tea estate at Norwood where technology has helped smooth and fasten the process of manufacturing tea. This is just the beginning there might hundreds of tea estates which run on tradition eagerly waiting to evolve into the high tech factory.
  • Banking and Finance :- Transactions done via ATM , KIOSK machines and automated deposit machines did way more transaction in 2015 / 2016 in sri lanka than over the bank counter. These smart robotic employees need proper care and that is where mechatronic experts come in demand.
  • Construction industry:- no longer confined only to cement , mortar and blocks. High tech process and automation (in case of construction of factories) are a requirement.
  • Shipping and Aviation :- Process at the airport and seaport today is a lot hassle free thanks to the automated systems available, from handling baggage to security most are becoming more easy and faster as days roll on. These vital process equipment need proper taking care and as mechatronic engineer you will be in demand to run the show.
  • Factories :- Manufacturing industry contributes a decent share to the nation’s GDP annually and a good percentage of these factories rely on automated manufacturing and most systems are automated.

Mechatronics at Auston

At Auston we are proud to run a fully internal Mechatronics Degree from De Montfort University, UK (DMU). DMU also happens to be the highest ranked UK University offering degrees in Sri Lanka.

You can read more about the modules and program duration [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://auston.edu.lk/bachelors-degee-engineering-mechatronics/” ]