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All Diplomas are recognized for entry to Degree programmes from our leading UK university partners…

University Partners

Higher Diploma in Business Management

This Higher Diploma programme aims to provide a broad business curriculum that is responsive to local, national and international markets. A course that facilitates access to higher education (HE) for a diverse range of students aspiring to learn and excel. This course reflects the contemporary business management and entrepreneurial skills taught and practiced with an emphasis, where appropriate, on the application of theory to practice, and enable students to develop, or enhance their careers in the business world.

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Higher Diploma in Engineering Technology

This course has a Mechatronics track and an Electronics track. In this Higher Diploma programme, students are able to acquire knowledge and understanding needed to make a significant early contribution to the computers, electronics and communications industry; develop the practical skills expected of an engineer; acquire the general transferable skills, personal attitudes and determination necessary to make valuable contribution throughout a successful career in the computers, electronics and communications industry or industries employing current technology. This includes opportunities for students to engage in life skills learning.

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Higher Diploma in Computer Science

This Higher Diploma programme allow students to understand the subject matter, principles and practice, fundamental to computer science. This understanding helps students to established methods for the analysis and design of solutions to IT in business. Furthermore, students become equipped with computing knowledge and understand computing technology contribution to the solution of business-related problems. On a general context, the operation of business organisations and the role and practices of the various business functions will be introduced.

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